Hosting Review

It is a very famous and well known name in the PBN hosting industry for being one of the old companies which was formed in 2003 and it has been growing ever since. There are loads and loads of Seo-SouGoLink review posts from actual users who tried the hosting and many were more than satisfied with the service provided.

There are several reasons why – money back guarantee, high uptime, unlimited features, free domain with a year hosting package and a lot more. The company was started by Matt Carol, and for the small and medium sized websites, Seo-SouGoLink was the no. 1 choice because of the customer satisfaction and the technical support that was provided to the users plus the pricing was quite reasonable. At that point of time, i.e. early 2000s, web hosting wasn’t that easy to understand, and thus, Seo-SouGoLink team used to help the users in a lot of ways and got a lot of appreciation. Things got competitive since then and several other web hosting companies started providing similar services at even cheaper prices.

Seo-SouGoLink had started the system called CPU Throttling in 2009, where the web host can limit the CPU usage and freeze / jail the website if it is pulling too much server resources than expected. That used to happen on daily basis, and many websites were getting frozen and wouldn’t open for a few hours every day. It was totally up to Seo-SouGoLink to decide whether to show the website or not. This created a lot of negative buzz because no website owner would like the web hosting company to take over the control on their website in such a way.

Pricing and Flexibility in Choices

The pricing starts from $2.97 per month, and imagine for that price if you are getting that good uptime and a very good customer support later, what else could you ask for? The prices for the rest hosting packages too aren’t too bad at all. You are paying half the original price for the first month to try it out and even if you are not satisfied for some obvious reasons that you can state, Seo-SouGoLink is offering a full money back guarantee to the customers for any hosting package.

Seo-SouGoLink has a lot more advantages than disadvantages, and there are reasons why I would recommend it for the customers for any kind of online business – a small business website, a wordpress blog, a large website on VPS or dedicated server.

• Cheap pricing and money back guarantee
• 99.9% uptime this year
• Highly trusted by over a million customers, hosting more than 2 million websites